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"Reimagining" God: Turning The Light Off To Look For "Truth" In The Corner Of A Dark Round Room (Volume 1)

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Reimagining God: Turning the Light off to Look for Truth in the Corner of a Dark Round Room has been printed as two books, Volume 1 (consisting of Parts 1-5) and Volume 2 (consisting of Part 6), which present an in-depth look at the emerging new way of thinking. From Christianity to the New Age to science and everything in between, the new way of thinking is merging it all into a whole new faith of a whole new God of a whole new humanity and world. Everything is changingfor a reason. Many in todays Christianity are succumbing to the darkness of this new way of thinking. Many in todays Christianity are succumbing to the emerging faith of the Antichrist. Many in todays Christianity will bow down to the image of the beast and take his mark. Thats right, in todays Christianity. Satans emerging kingdom of his Antichrist is ready to burst forth in all its darkness in global opposition to Gods coming Kingdom of His Son. Where do you stand? This emerging kingdom of darkness will go down in bitter defeat taking far too many souls with it in todays Christianity. Is your soul going to be one of them? How scriptural is your faith? Does your faith come from inside or outside the box of the Word of God? The mission is Oneness. The path is darkness. And the door to it all is Yea, hath God said ? Yea, God hath said. The subject presented in this book is as eternally grave and serious as it gets. Item Dimensions: 7" L x 1. 11" W x 10" H.

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