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"Lupus".It Takes A Family

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In the latter part of 1984, I was diagnosed with Lupus S. L. E. (Systematic Lupus Erythematous). When I was diagnosed, all I was given were some pamphlets written by doctors. No one seemed to know what I was going to experience. After my diagnosis, my life as I had known it came to a drastic halt, and a long battle began. Lupus devastated my life mentally, physically, and financially. This is a very cruel disease. It comes in many different flavors. It has no mercy and doesnt care who you are, and there is no cure. I have won some tough battles, and I have lost a lot of battles with this disease. I have seen and been a part of many of Gods miracles. I have lost a lot of good friends along the way and made a lot of new friends. I am currently in remission. I pray that I stay in remission. I wrote this book from my personal experiences. I have lived through this cruel and merciless disease. There were so many days I did not think I would, but with Gods mercy and blessings, I did. If you take anything from this book after reading it, I would like you to remember that when you are at your weakest moments, when you feel you just cant go on, turn to God.

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