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"Abe" Lincolns Yarns And Stories: A Complete Collection Of The Funny And Witty Anecdotes That Made Abraham Lincoln Famous As Americas Greatest Story Teller

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The historians who wrote histories of Lincolns life remembered only a few of them, but the most of Lincolns stories and the best of them remained unwritten. More than five years ago the author of this book conceived the idea of collecting all the yarns and stories, the droll sayings, and witty and humorous anecdotes of Abraham Lincoln into one large book, and this volume is the result of that idea. Before Lincoln was ever heard of as a lawyer or politician, he was famous as a story teller. As a politician, he always had a story to fit the other side; as a lawyer, he won many cases by telling the jury a story which showed them the justice of his side better than any argument could have done. While nearly all of Lincolns stories have a humorous side, they also contain a moral, which every good story should have. They contain lessons that could be taught so well in no other way. Every one of them is a sermon. Lincoln, like the Man of Galilee, spoke to the people in parables. Nothing that can be written about Lincoln can show his character in such a true light as the yarns and stories he was so fond of telling, and at which he would laugh as heartily as anyone. For a man whose life was so full of great responsibilities, Lincoln had many hours of laughter when the humorous, fun-loving side of his great nature asserted itself. Every person to keep healthy ought to have one good hearty laugh every day. Lincoln did, and the author hopes that the stories at which he laughed will continue to furnish laughter to all who appreciate good humor, with a moral point and spiced with that true philosophy bred in those who live close to nature and to the people around them. The parables, yarns, stories, anecdotes and sayings of the "Immortal Abe" deserve a plbeside Aesops Fables, Bunyans Pilgrims Progress and all other books that have added to the happiness and wisdom of mankind. Lincolns stories are like Lincoln himself. The more we know of them the better we like them. -Colonel Alexander K. McClure

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