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5 Stories: The Collection Of Love, Romance, Suspence And Adventure

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This is a book having five cute stories. Every story is very entertaining. First one is, ARE YOU A FAIRY? This is a cute love story of a guy who was not so good in study. Even he was not interested in study. He ran out of the school near about daily and went to a river as he liked to swim. He loved to swim in water as well in the dreams. So, also he used to sleep a lot in the night without study to have a dream. But anyhow he passed in his exams and reached to high school. But there happened an incident which changed his life and he found a lot of love in his life. All his dreams became true! The second story is, I CUT YOUR WINGS TO GET YOU This is a love triangle. One boy was loved by two girls. A girls love changed him for better while another girls love made him different. The boy was a funny one in a group of guys. But he got changed to a hard worker just to get his love. He was in a long distance relationship. The story is full of suspense and love. He was so hopeful and positive thinker at first. But in the last, everything changed and something happened which twisted his life! The third story is, THE MAGICAL BOOK Its a great adventure. Its a story about a joint family in which everyday happened a fight between the members of the family. One day the head of the family kicked out his one son from the family and said never to return back to the home. The man kept travelling in a same direction for day and the night. In the night, he found a strange forest which was not visible ever before. A tree said him to stop when he tried to entre in the forest. But the man didnt stop. It was a dead forest in which all the tree were killer. There started an adventure! The fourth story is, CRUSHED BEE This is not a story, but a real crush happened with a girl. She was a kid and she was enjoying his life. But soon her enjoyment turned into sadness. Her life got ruined by situations and problems. A happy family turned into a struggling family. She lost all the things she liked. She got an unforgotten event. Night mares caught her badly and never left her alone. Go in to know the story well! The fifth story is TINNY COUNTRY This is the story of a small country, a country which was not yet developed and which was not connected to other countries. There was a king who rules on the country. All peoples in the country were living happily. It was a backward community of peoples. But one day they were found by the countries near them. There was nothing in tinny country to get for other countries accept one thing, the population. Whenever someone grew in tinny country, they took that one to work for them in their country. Also they used the country as a toy to train their soldiers. They attacked on the country whenever they wanted to. Did tinny country overcome that crush? If yes then how? Read more to know. Item Dimensions: 5" L x 0.49" W x 8" H

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