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In 2984, ris no longer defined by color or country of origin, but by three human species: the dominant land-walkers, the rebel Sea-dwellers, and the enslaved Cloud-riders. But when a Sea-dweller named Feninda turns seventeen, she learns shes the seed of a new rpossessing the abilities of all three. Then she discovers another horrible truth: Shes the product of power-hungry genetic scientists bent on annihilating the rebel rthat gave her birth. Durak, the lead scientist on the project that developed Feninda, is one step ahead of her. Using a young man named Kertano, another creation from the same genetic project, Durak lures Feninda into captivity, and sets to enslave them both to his ends. But within the scientists ranks are Land-walkers sympathetic to the Sea-dweller cause. Together, Feninda and Kertano unite fragmented rebel Sea-dweller groups and Land-walker sympathizers in a global revolution to dismantle the repressive governments domination. But will their insurrection bring greater freedom to earths citizens? Item Dimensions: 5.25" L x 0.15" W x 8" H

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