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#13 "Draculas Treasure": Sam N Me Adventure Books (Sam N Me Adventure Books)

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Ever heard of Count Dracula? If ya aint yer bout t find out what an evil doer he was. Im tellin ya right now I get shivers just thinkin bout him n all the evil he done over there in Transylvania. I want ya t find a cross t wear round yer neck n get yerself a little bag ya can put some garlic cloves in n hang there too. if ya can get yerself some Holy water make shore n have it handy. Im hopin they will get ya through this adventure with us cause theres vampire bats n more evil than ya can imagine lurkin round us. First off though weve got t get the rest of that gold out of the Lost Dutchman mine. Then we run inta a passel of trouble down in the waters off Grand Terre island trying t recover the rest of Lafittes treasures. Blackstick n a bunch of the descendants of Lafittes pirate horde are layin claim t it. Seems like were always runnin inta monks in our adventures. This time we run inta a bunch of Benedictine monks n Ill tell ya right off ya aint gonna like em. They was part of the evil doins of Count Dracula n ya yer gonna need t grab the tops of yer socks when ya find out what happened t em. Mighty glad yer comin along with us cause we shore need yer company this time. There I go gettin the shiver agin. Gramps Item Dimensions: 6" L x 0.15" W x 9" H

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