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1 Man, 3 Hearts, 9 Lives: A Story Of Hope, Resilience, And Survival

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Falling deathly ill in his New Jersey home in 1990, it was highly unlikely that six year-old Christophe Lafontant would even live to see his seventh birthday. Although left completely perplexed as to the cause of this mysterious illness, doctors still did everything in their power to keep him alive. Christophe survived a pacemaker implantation, two heart transplants, diabetes, dialysis treatment, a kidney transplant, a tracheostomy, and other life altering procedures. Desperate to attain a life of "normalcy", Christophe spent his whole life trying to conceal his illness and true identity from those around him. Instead, he chose to live in a world of disillusioned perfection until one day uncovering a deep-seated family betrayal. It wasnt long, however, before those painfully dark emotions he tried so hard to bury would catch up with him, causing him to sink deeper into an already existing drug addiction. Although he consistently defied the odds medically, he was slowly dying emotionally. 1 Man, 3 Hearts, and still ALIVE.

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